New tearoom owners

To our terrific patrons,

Tea and Teacups will not close its doors!

Terry and I wish to announce that we have found an individual who shares our enthusiasm for the tea experience. We are honored to introduce Dolly Shewa as the new owner of Tea and Teacups. Like so many of you Dolly has enjoyed countless family celebrations and yet simple getaways since the doors of this iconic tearoom opened twenty five years ago.

Terry and I have greatly appreciated your tremendous acceptance of our vision to share our knowledge, interpretation and methodology of building a family through the love of tea.

We are pleased to share this heartfelt message from Dolly Shewa.

Warmest regards,

Terry and Claudia Naffziger

Dear Tea and Teacup Loyalists,

Tea and Teacups has held a very warm spot in my heart ever since it opened.  I have decided to take over the ownership of Tea and Teacups, as Terry and Claudia decided to close this special tea house.  I have been living in Yorba Linda for the past 30 years and still remember the day Tea and Teacups opened. My heart has a great attachment to this homely tea house, so I decided that I cannot let it close.  I still remember the first time I took my 3 daughters to the tea house and were given the royal treatment one would only find in London.  After our many visits, we had made Tea and Teacups our home for gloomy raining days and bright summer afternoons.  We have been regular clients of Tea and Teacups for almost 25 years and have hosted several birthday parties and baby showers there. When we found out that Claudia was retiring, as she wanted to spend more time with her husband and travel, we were very saddened. Everyone in my family, including my grandsons, love the place. I decided to take over the tradition of serving the same high quality tea, sandwiches, and scones.

My dream of owning my own tea place stemmed from my childhood itself, and always in the back of my head I wished one day to fulfill it. I have beautiful memories of my childhood that include my birthday parties hosted by my mother, which were themed with a lavish English High Tea and complete with neatly cut tomato, cucumber, and egg sandwiches, shortbread cookies, and cake.The only exception was the addition of some Indian savories like potato fritters and mithai (homemade sweets). I learnt from her how to host a high tea with neatly cut sandwiches and sweets.

My daughters and I are very excited to take over the business and keep the same warm and comfortable environment with the delicious tea and menu. Be on the look out for our addition of Indian sandwiches and sweets to the menu! We look forward to personally meeting each and every one of you and can't wait to continue

With Great Love,
Dolly Shewa