Spring 2015 - New Flavors

Introducing our newest flavors!


Caramel Chai - $7.95/2oz pkg, $11.95/4oz pkg, $19.95/8oz pkg
Flavored black tea with caramel pieces and chai spices

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Golden Apple Spice - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Green tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, rose, safflower petals and natural flavors

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Green Tea Chai - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Green tea with coriander, cumin, sweet fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, curry and lemongrass

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Hawaiian Sunset - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Blend of green tea, tropical flavors and hibiscus

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Apple Cider Herbal - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Flavored fruit tea blend of apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, cinnamon, apple slices, almond, rosehips and star anise

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Caramelized Pear - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Blend of nuts, honey, caramel pieces and baked pear pieces

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Caramel Toffee Oolong - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Oolong tea, hazelnut brittle, caramel pieces and flavorings. Contains nuts and milk products

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Rooibos Campfire - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Rooibos, cinnamon chips, almond bits, orange peel, orange spice flavor and sweet cinnamon

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Caramel Macchiato - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Honey bush, caramel pieces and flavors

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